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The child in Sanitary Assistance: intimacy and informed consent

JM Antequera Vinagre

Reference of this article: Antequera Vinagre JM. The child in Sanitary Assistance: intimacy and informed consent. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2002;4:495-504.

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Sometimes, health assistance has to confront law conflicts, and Pediatrics in Primary Care is not an exception. We are facing an increase in the demands and the appearance of legal confrontations in the daily work of the Health professionals. This article has attempted to analyse two children?s rights: intimacy and confidentiality, and the informed consent. Also, I will try to guide pediatricians about how to act in legal problems when the child is not present. The main idea of the article is the need for respecting the intimacy and the confidentiality of children in Primary Health. Besides, it underlines the importance of child rights to information and informed consent in Primary Health. When any doubt or conflict is faced, the interest of the child and the medical criteria should prevail.


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