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Vol. 9 - Num. 34

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The consequences of education “on demand”

J Burrueco Arjona

Reference of this article: Burrueco Arjona J. The consequences of education “on demand”. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2007;9:291-9.

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The unique way of understanding the psychical reality of children and adolescents today is analyzing the established education rules in a critical manner. After more than 20 years of professional experience, we make considerations about social behaviours, in family and individually, making a critic of the education ?on demand? since the first bond mother-baby. Even mother breastfeeding needs a time and a limit, so that what is neccesary to achieve a good physic-psychic development will not be wasted due to a lack of limits. Maturing means to experiment micro-mournings, to leave back what you have achieved and go ahead to confront the new challenges of a new period of time. In the clinic and in social life we can see how staying too long in a period causes childishness and immatureness, what is very dangerous for the individual and his environment.


Authority Childhood Education Family Mental health

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