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Organization, Administration and Management

Risks management in Pediatric Primary Care

FJ Martínez López

Reference of this article: Martínez López FJ. Risks management in Pediatric Primary Care. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 1999;1:371-382.

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Economic claims and judicial demands against health professionals and healthcare institutions are steadly increasingin the National Healthcare System. Although the specialised level (hospitals and its professionals) received about 80% of the total, primary care has an important number of claims. Despite that, Pediatricians in de Primary Care are un `sure professional group`having the shorter number of claims. In this paper some facts on Pediatricians`s Primary Care claims and judicial demands are presented, and some opinions that can explain the scarce conflicting situation are given; also are exposed the basic principles of healthcare risk management in order to implement specific programmes to assure the health care quality, the patients`s and professionals`s security and to control the healthcare costs.


Liability Pediatrics Primary care Risk management

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