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Vol. 12 - Num. 45

Clinical Reviews

Mesiodens: three case reports

María Luisa Díaz Ortiza, M Vicente Rodríguezb

aOdontóloga. Profesora asociada de Cirugía Bucal, Universidad de Barcelona. Área Básica de Salud Garraf Rural. Sant Pere de Ribes. Barcelona. España.
bPediatra. Área Básica de Salud Garraf Rural. Sant Pere de Ribes. Barcelona. España.

Correspondence: ML Díaz. E-mail:

Reference of this article: Díaz Ortiz ML, Vicente Rodríguez M. Mesiodens: three case reports. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2010;12:79-87.

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Mesiodens is the supernumerary tooth that most frequently appears in the permanent dentition. In most cases this is an accidental finding. Early detection allows the early extraction. It also favors the spontaneous eruption of the permanent incisors and helps avoid more complex surgical or orthodontic treatments. We present three cases of paediatric patients with mesiodens, all of them have been radiological findings. In the first case, the patient had a double mesiodens which blocked the eruption of the upper permanent central and lateral incisors. In the second case, mesiodens has produced the rotation of maxillary central incisors. Early removal has been practiced in order to favor the spontaneous eruption of the incisors. In the third case, mesiodens is in total inclusion, not producing symptoms or complications, and it has allowed normal eruption of the previous sector. It has not required treatment, only periodic controls. This patient also presents agenesis of a lower premolar. It is reasonable to suspect the presence of a mesiodens in the patient who goes to pediatric or odontology consultation when there is some kind of disorder in the eruption of the upper permanent incisors.


Eruption disturbance Mesiodens Supernumerary tooth



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