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Vol. 26 - Num. 101

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Painting and learning how to live healthy

Irene Estrada Lázaroa, María Vázquez Sánchezb, Carmen Villanueva Rodríguezb, José Galbe Sánchez-Venturab, Pilar Sierra Sanmartínb, Andrea de Llobet Cucalónb

aMédico de familia. CS Torrero La Paz. Zaragoza. España.
bPediatra. CS Torrero La Paz. Zaragoza. España.

Correspondence: I Estrada. E-mail:

Reference of this article: Estrada Lázaro I, Vázquez Sánchez M, Villanueva Rodríguez C, Galbe Sánchez-Ventura J, Sierra Sanmartín P, de Llobet Cucalón A. Painting and learning how to live healthy . Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2024;26:101-6.

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The objective of this study arises in the health center from the need to improve the emotional environment, going from a sad, dull and inexpressive waiting room to a welcoming, friendly and educational one. We understand that the waiting room must be part of the global care of the children and their family. We looked for a physical improvement of the the pediatric area in the health center.

Painting the walls of the health center may not humanize the space but it makes it friendlier, trying to create a place where art not only brings beauty but is also a health education strategy.

During the wait, there won´t be only an attractive and pleasant environment, but also healthy lifestyle habits in a creative way through drawings that will develop stories with teachings about food, hygiene, friendship, etc.

Children, teachers, the Zaragoza city council, health center professionals and especially the architect of the work, Leticia García Longás, have been involved in the different phases of the project.


Health care quality Health education Humanize


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