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Vol. 5 - Num. 17

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High resolution clinics from Pediatric Primary Care: a bet on quality health care

M Fernández Pérez, MM López Benito, A Franco Vidal

Reference of this article: Fernández Pérez M, López Benito MM, Franco Vidal A. High resolution clinics from Pediatric Primary Care: a bet on quality health care. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2003;5:133-144.

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The resolution of pathologies using procedures that imply a rational use of the Basics Hospital Services from Pediatric Primary Heath Care is a practice every more frequent day, although it is not standardized in the supply that the different Health Care Services offer to the user, in our case the children. At the moment these Services include in their priority targets the resolution from Outpatient Services (Policlinics) by means of High-Resolution Clinics. From the Pediatric Primary Health Care, it is observed daily performances in that sense, although there is not consensus in the suitable procedure at different welfare Health Care for its accomplishment. In this article bases to carry out these procedures of High-Resolution from Pediatric Primary Health Care are exposed, as well as a comparison among two resolution models: traditional by Policlinics and proposed of High-Resolution or one-stop clinic from Primary Health Care.


Efficiency High-Resolution, One-Stop Paediatrics Primary care Quality of health care

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