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Vol. 11 - Num. 17


Clinical Practice guides and other evidence based products in the clinic

Juan Ignacio Martín Sáncheza, José M.ª Mengual Gilb

aInstituto Aragonés de Ciencias de la Salud. Secretaría de GuíaSalud, Biblioteca de Guías de Práctica Clínica del Sistema Nacional de Salud. Zaragoza. España.
bPediatra. CS Delicias Sur. Zaragoza. España.

Reference of this article: Martín Sánchez JI, Mengual Gil JM. Clinical Practice guides and other evidence based products in the clinic. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2009;11 (Supl 17):s457-463.

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GuíaSalud is a National Health System (NHS) agency, which includes all the Autonomous Communities (CCAA), and has the endorsement of the inter-territorial council (IC) which is supported by the Ministry of Health and Social Policy through the NHS Quality Agency. Since its first steps, in mid-2002 until now, it has been immersed in framework changes within the quality of the NHS Plan. The latter being described in the quality plan of 2007, which involves important changes in the objectives, introducing into the work portfolio the development of products, based on scientific evidence to assist health professionals in decision-making.

This involves changes in the organizational structure of leadership and management of GuíaSalud, dedication of resources aimed at strengthening the development of clinical practice guidelines (CPG) in our country, and open new lines of work aimed at enrichment the offer of products to the health professionals, as is the case for clinical questions.

This strategy includes professionals who are part of GuíaSalud’ s Scientific Committee, Executive Council (EC), and other health professionals interested in working with a systematic and explicit methodology; and are part of the GuíaSalud collaborative network. The GuíaSalud department has a team of professionals who know about the appropriate methodology and a web 2.0 designed to interact with health professionals.


Clinical practice guidelines Collaborative network Evidence-based medicine



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