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Vol. 10 - Num. 14


Interpretation of laboratory test in Primary Care Paediatrics

Rafael Jiménez Alésa

aPediatra. Consultorio La Roda de Andalucía. Comité de Ética Asistencial de Sevilla. Sevilla. España.

Reference of this article: Jiménez Alés R. Interpretation of laboratory test in Primary Care Paediatrics. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2008;10 Supl 2:S111-9.

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Any laboratory test must be indicated to solve a diagnostic doubt and it must clearly lead us to a new diagnostic or therapeutic attitude. Making tests with the only objective of establishing a prognosis in Primary Care is debatable. The normality of figures of laboratory is a statistical concept, that?s the reason why the results always must be referred to the clinical situation. The usefulness of laboratory tests for Primary Care paediatricians will be approached in the seminar in a generic way, making an arrest in those that make us doubt more frequently: meaning of phosphatase alkaline and lactate dehydrogenase, normal levels of IgA, the laboratory in the handling of the asthma, quick tests for the detection of pathogens, antibiogram, basic tests of nephrology and coagulation, study of the thyroid function, more frequent digestive pathology and metabolism of the iron.


Diagnosis Diagnostic techniques and procedures Normal values Paediatrics Primary Care Reference values

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