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Vol. 2 - Num. 5

Brief Reports

Inhaling devices in children

MI Barrio Gómez de Agüero, I Alonso Martínez

Reference of this article: Barrio Gómez de Agüero MI, Alonso Martínez I. Inhaling devices in children. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2000;2:83-94.

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The administration of inhaled drugs seems to be a logical form of treatment of respiratory disorders. This will have its therapeutic effects on the diseased lung and the side effects in other organs should be minimized. Recently, several sistems have been developed to get an effective inhalation treatment even in young patients. The purpose of this review is to provide information upon several inhalation systems and the appropiate choice of devices related with the age of young children and infants.


Asthma Nebulizer Space device

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