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Vol. 9 - Num. 10

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Treatment of burns in children in Primary Care

C Goñi Orayen, L Gómez Gómez, A Pérez Martínez

Reference of this article: Goñi Orayen C, Gómez Gómez L, Pérez Martínez A. Treatment of burns in children in Primary Care. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2007;9 Supl 2:S29-38.

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In spite of the preventive campaigns, paediatric burns are still a frequent accident. Small children are the most affected population. Although the majority of burns are not serious and only need ambulatory care, a reduced number can produce great morbidity and even mortality. Currently burns continue being the third cause of death in paediatrics. Burns are most frequently caused by hot liquids and they often happened at home in the presence of some adult people. A correct initial management and an adequate appraisal of the severity are very important to set the right treatment needed and to predict the outcome. Almost all burns are avoidable. We have to face the task of spread educational and preventive measures to take out this problem. The paediatrician of Primary Care is, by his own nature, the main actor in this important target.


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