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Vol. 7 - Num. 27

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Relation of the Pediatric Oncology Unit with Primary Care: the role of the home care unit

JM Fernández Navarroa, B Pozuelo, P Ortí, L López, A Verdeguer, V Castel

aServicio de Oncología Pediátrica. Hospital Universitari i Politecnic La Fe. Valencia. España.

Reference of this article: Fernández Navarro JM, Pozuelo B, Ortí P, López L, Verdeguer A, Castel V. Relation of the Pediatric Oncology Unit with Primary Care: the role of the home care unit. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2005;7:481-488.

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In our country, Pediatric Oncology Units are reference centers for a wide geographic area. Alternatives to traditional hospitalization, as home care, must sort out the problem of the geographical dispersion of the patients in order to give medical attention to all of them independently from the distance home - hospital Primary care in Pediatrics is very well developed in our community. The creation of a bidirectional channel of communication between primary care teams and the hospital, through the home care unit from the hospital, allows to establish a network able to bring medical attention to patients living far from the hospital. Primary care team members ditratarectly carry on the clinical control of the patient at home, supported by the on call members of the home care team. This aspect is very important in every phase of the disease and specially relevant in the field of palliative care.


Home care in Pediatric Oncology Monodose kits Network with primary care teams Palliative care

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