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Vol. 6 - Num. 23

Clinical Reviews

Burns in childhood. Lesional mechanisms and prevention

D Alonso Peña, MJ León Hidalgo, J Alonso Peña, V Salinas Velasco

Reference of this article: Alonso Peña D, León Hidalgo MJ, Alonso Peña J, Salinas Velasco V. Burns in childhood. Lesional mechanisms and prevention. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2004;6:405-413.

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Burns in childhood have a high incidence. The mechanisms that produce them are very varied and in the majority of cases, avoidable. Prevention is the best, since the consequences are, in many cases, devastating. The objective of this work is to deepen in this type of injuries, to know more about their mechanism of production, and warn about their consequences. We should advise parents and caregivers the prevention measures of this type of injuries.


Burn Childhood Prevention

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