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Workshop of adolescents. Experience on health education in high school

MI Parra Martínez, P Marín Orzanco, AI Sánchez García, L Rodrigo Sánchez, C López Casares, M Santamaría Herrero, R Llorente, V Ávila

Reference of this article: Parra Martínez MI, Marín Orzanco P, Sánchez García AI, Rodrigo Sánchez L, López Casares C, Santamaría Herrero M, et al. Workshop of adolescents. Experience on health education in high school. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2003;5:41-51.

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Adolescence is a stage of life exposed to high risk situations and proved to high risk behaviour due to its social, biological and psycological characteristics. These factors affect the morbidity and mortality rates. Unfortunaly, pregnancy, eating disorders, psyco-social disorders, accidents, drug abuse and sexually transmitted diseases are becoming more and more prevelent with this age group, with high incidence rate. As members of Primary Practices we recommend that a health education program be installed in local schools to decrease the risk of this factors. Because of this, two experiments, with four groups of students aged 16 and 14 in the years 1999 and 2001 respectively, were executed at Príncipe Felipe High School, located on Finisterre St, in Barrio del Pilar, Madrid ?pertaining to Health Area V?. Two coordinators and four observants, a coordinator/observant by group formed the group of educators and have detailed Health Education and ?Communal Intervention Plans? along with adecuate experience working in groups. Former program of comunity intervention ?Programa de Intervención con Adolescentes de la Metodología de los Procesos Correctores Comunitarios? was modified in order to work against eating disorders. A positive effect on the enrichment of health education as a result of these activities, furthers the need to increment these activities in local schools immediately.


Adolescent Communal Intervention Plans Health education

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