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Vol. 4 - Num. 13

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Infectious diseases in the immigrant child

H Huerga, R López-Vélez

Reference of this article: Huerga H, López-Vélez R. Infectious diseases in the immigrant child. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2002;4:73-80.

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The number of immigrants coming from developing countries is growing. Many of them arrive with their family or the family comes later on. About 15% of the immigrants are children. The first cause of illness and death of children population in the world is Infectious diseases. Immigrant children have a higher risk of suffering from some infectious diseases because they come from countries where these diseases are more frequent, and in some cases because of their conditions of life in the host country. In this paper, some of the more frequent and relevant diseases in immigrant children are exposed: malaria, tuberculosis, intestinal parasitosis and vertical transmitted diseases. It is important for the physicians who attend immigrants to be aware of the existence of these diseases, in order to avoid a delay in the diagnosis and to get the better treatment for the patient.


Child Immigrants Infectious diseases Tropical diseases

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