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Vol. 11 - Num. 17


Cardiology for Primary Care Paediatricians

Javier Ayala Curiela

aServicio de Cardiología Pediátrica. Departamento de Pediatría, Hospital de Cruces. Barakaldo. Vizcaya. España.

Reference of this article: Ayala Curiel J. Cardiology for Primary Care Paediatricians. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2009;11 (Supl 17):s451-s456.

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Paediatric cardiology is the speciality that refers to the care of children (from conception through adolescence) with congenital or acquired disorders of the heart and vessels. Although the main diagnostic tool is echocardiography, medical history and physical examination are essential to suspect heart diseases, hence the primary care paediatrician in this field has crucial work. With training, they will be able to detect, with high reliability, heart disease by auscultation.


Auscultation Cardiac murmurs Congenital heart disease Paediatric cardiology



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