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Breastfeeding in Valencia Autonomic Community. Multivariable analysis of a survey on 6,400 infants

M.ª Teresa Hernández Aguilara, A Muñoz Guillén, Juan José Lasarte Velillasc, César García Verad, C Díaz Marijuán, J Martín Calamae

aPediatra. CS Fuente de San Luis. Valencia. España.

cPediatra. Profesor asociado de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Zaragoza. CS Torre Ramona. Zaragoza. España.
dPediatra. CS José Ramon Muñoz Fernández. Zaragoza. España.
eServicio de Pediatría. Hospital Obispo Polanco. Teruel. España.

Correspondence: MT Hernández. E-mail:

Reference of this article: Hernández Aguilar MT, Muñoz Guillén A, Lasarte Velillas JJ, García Vera C, Díaz Marijuán C, Martín Calama J. Breastfeeding in Valencia Autonomic Community. Multivariable analysis of a survey on 6,400 infants. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2004;6:19-37.

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In 1997, we conducted a survey on infant feeding practices in Valencia (SPAIN) to assess and start monitoring breastfeeding (BF) practices. These results have been published elsewhere pooled with the results of other Autonomic Communities. Children less than thirteen months old who came, to any of the 243 participating pediatric clinics, in February 1997, were eligible. Interviewers were pediatricians or nurses. Chi-square and logistic regression were used for analysis. Data on 5,698 infants were analyzed. Only 63.7 % of the infants less than 29 days of age were exclusively breastfeeding. Only 10 % of the infants less than six months were appropriately breastfed according to WHO guidelines. BF was strongly associated with hospital where birth took place. The findings indicate certain groups at risk of failing breastfeeding: mothers with low study level or previous cesarean sections, infants with low birthweight or neonatal problems and hospitals without policies that support breastfeeding. There is a strong need for political and professional promotion, support and surveillance of breastfeeding in our population.


Breastfeeding Friendly Hospital Breastfeeding Initiative Multivariable analysis

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