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Study of the current situation of pediatric asthma management in Primary Care in Mallorca

Á Boqué Genovard, MJ Andreu Zamora, B Puigserver Sacares

Reference of this article: Boqué Genovard Á, Andreu Zamora MJ, Puigserver Sacares B. Study of the current situation of pediatric asthma management in Primary Care in Mallorca. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2007;9:375-84.

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Introduction: asthma is the most frequent long-term disease in children. The knowledge of the real situation of professionals in different primary health centres could help to encourage a future program to increase the quality of management of asthmatic children. Objectives: to obtain information on the real situation of asthma management among medical professionals in pediatric Primary Care in Mallorca. Subjects and methods: a survey based on a questionnaire was designed to obtain information among all pediatricians and physicians in pediatric primary care settings of Mallorca. Ninety-one postal questionnaires were sent in November 2003 and returned until December 2004. Data were analysed using the SPSS statistic program. Results: there were 91 pediatric Primary Care consultations. 62.63% of the questionnaires were returned. 26.3% had spirometer available. 28.1% had prick test available. 63.2% had peak flow meters. 71.9% had spacers and 77.2% inhaler placebos for demonstration. 98.2% had salbutamol for nebulization available but only 66.7 salbutamol inhalers for acute asthma treatment. 12.3% always referred asthmatics to a neumologist. 66.7% lacked material resources, 33% lacked knowledge in asthma. 86% expressed the need of a specific regional pediatric asthma program. Conclusions: according to the results of this survey a great effort is needed. Local health authorities should give priority to a future project in pediatric asthma management on the basis of the important role of primary care professionals and settings. This project would likely improve the process and outcome of care in asthmatic children. Key words: Pediatrics, Primary Care, Asthma.


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