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Measles: current situation in the Community of Madrid

M González, R Castañeda, R Ramírez, SF Rodríguez, LG Comas, JC Sanz, R Fernández-Muñoz, L Barranco

Reference of this article: González M, Castañeda R, Ramírez R, Rodríguez SF, Comas LG, Sanz JC, et al. Measles: current situation in the Community of Madrid. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2002;4:415-430.

Published in Internet: 30-09-2002 - Visits: 7408


Objective: Description of the epidemiological situation of measles in the Community of Madrid and its adequation to the European strategies for the elimination of the disease. Method: Analysis of the data coming from EDO (obligatory declaration diseases) system, Sentinel Surveillance Network and II and III serologic survey. Results: In the first eleven months of 2001 were studied 26 suspected cases of measles, 10 of them were confirmed and 5 were assessed as probable: 9 of the confirmed cases had 19 to 28 years of age and 2 of them were imported cases. Vaccination coverture is 95,8% for the first dose of MMR and 79,3% for the second. The prevalence of protective antibodies is close to 100% after the second dose. The genotype of the cultures of measles is the same as in the rest of Europe. Conclusion: The found data stresses the importance of holding and improving in some aspects the surveillance and control strategies of measles with the aim of eliminate the disease by 2005.


Epidemiological surveillance Measles Vaccines

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