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Vol. 3 - Num. 12

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Adolescent Integral Healthcare from Primary Care Health Centres

J Cornellá i Canalsa, Á Llusent Guillamet

aPediatra. Psiquiatra infantojuvenil. Profesor del Grado de Fisioterapia. Escuela de Fisioterapia EUSES. Universidad de Girona. Girona. España.

Reference of this article: Cornellá i Canals J, Llusent Guillamet Á. Adolescent Integral Healthcare from Primary Care Health Centres. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2001;3:561-576.

Published in Internet: 31-12-2001 - Visits: 7713


Here is presented the activity developed during the first year of work of a specific unit dedicated to the attention of the adolescent integral health, from the view of the primary health care. The model used is based on the adaptation of other models already existing with proved efficiency. The objective is give a specific attention to the consults derived from other doctors (paediatrics or family doctors) and open consults in High Schools. A total of 942 consults where attended, from which 185 where first visits. The first consultation cause were school problems, followed by eating disorders and mood changes. The more frequent diagnosis was the ?Adaptative Disorder of the Adolescence?. These kind of disorders are usually kind and can be easily managed. Premature detection and orientation prevent the evolution to other psico-social pathologies much more conflictive. Is pointed up the importance of the preventive activity during the adolescent period and the need to apply adapted strategies to avoid the barriers (internal and external) that prevent the adolescents from getting the health system. It is considered very important the professionals of health get to the High Schools to offer points of attention to the adolescents, from the guarantee of confidentiality.


Adaptative disorder Adolescent Integral Health Primary care

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