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Vol. 15 - Num. 58

Clinical Reviews

Widespread lichen nitidus. A case report

JI García Morána, M.ª Teresa Jarabo Garcíab

aMédico de Familia. CS de Belmonte. Cuenca. España.
bMédico de Familia. CS de San Lorenzo de la Parrilla. Cuenca. España.

Reference of this article: García Morán JI, Jarabo García MT. Widespread lichen nitidus. A case report. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2013;15:137-9.

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Lichen nitidus is a rare dermatosis of unknown etiology; it consists of small, hemispherical, shiny and flesh-coloured papules commonly asymptomatic or sometimes itchy. It has predilection on the genitals, lower abdomen, flexor surfaces of forearms and wrists. There are rare reports of patients having a more generalized distribution of lesions. Lichen nitidus lesions resolve spontaneously in months or years. We present a case of generalized lichen nitidus.


Lichen nitidus



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