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How can we achieve together a safer Internet for our minors

S del Villar Rubín

Reference of this article: del Villar Rubín S. How can we achieve together a safer Internet for our minors. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2007;9:485-99.

Published in Internet: 30-09-2007 - Visits: 7124


Abstract Internet has been considered the most influential invention since the printing press. It offers good and bad things, and although the positive effects are more important, we cannot forget the negative ones because of the social alarm they produce. Therefore, we must know the risks and the unlawful and harmful material on the web. To fight against, the unlawful material, we need laws and police solutions, and the means by which users can report such material. Against the harmful contents, we need technological tools, education and social strategies. The latter are very important because 62% of Spanish people need more information about how to protect their children from Internet risks. Therefore, Primary Care paediatricians must understand how their patients relate to and use these new technologies, must specifically Internet. Key words: Internet, Risk, Children, Information technologies.


Children Information technologies Internet Risk

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