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Vol. 8 - Num. 7

Substance abuse among spanish adolescents

Evidence and preventive measures on substance abuse during adolescence

MI Hidalgo Vicario, José Luis Montón Álvarezb, Paz González Rodríguezc

bPediatra. CS Mar Báltico. Madrid. España.
cPediatra. CS Barrio del Pilar. Madrid. España.

Reference of this article: Hidalgo Vicario MI, Montón Álvarez JL, González Rodríguez P. Evidence and preventive measures on substance abuse during adolescence. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2006; 8 Supl 3: S113-27.

Published in Internet: 30-09-2006 - Visits: 9304


Drug consumption during adolescence is an important health problem due to the beginning in early ages, the high consumption of tobacco and alcohol, and the progressive increase of other drugs as cocaine and cannabis; also because of the physical, psychological, emotional and social consequences for the young person and his future. Adolescence is a dynamic process of great vulnerability and risks. It is important to remember the dangerous behaviours to which young people expose themselves, as well as the risk and protection factors; drug consumption is a complex and multifactorial process. The best treatment against substance abuse is the prevention, to be done at the office during the periodic health examinations and also acting in several environments of the young people: family, school and society in general. Paediatricians have a strategic position to act. This article reviews the scientific evidences and the force of the recommendation on the preventive activities to avoid the use and abuse of substances during childhood and adolescence. Most of the preventive activities during adolescence have not demonstrated any effectiveness, being at the present time under revision. The preventive programs held at schools have demonstrated their effectiveness to improve the knowledge about tobacco, alcohol and drugs and even for developing negative attitudes towards the substance use; but they do not have had any influence on the decrease of drug consumption.


Adolescent Alcohol Drugs Evidence Prevention Smoking Substances

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