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Vol. 8 - Num. 7

Substance abuse among spanish adolescents

Basic concepts on drug abuse

MI Medranda de Lázaro, M.ª Rosario Benítez Rubiob

bCS Miraflores. Alcobendas. Madrid. España.

Reference of this article: Medranda de Lázaro MI, Benítez Rubio MR. Basic concepts on drug abuse. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2006; 8 Supl 3: S35-42.

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Illicit drug abuse is very extended among young people, that?s the reason why sanitary staff must know the signs and symptoms of its use and abuse. In this article, the authors try to present the characteristics, classification, routes and more usual types of consumption of the main psychoactive substances.


Abstinence Adolescence Drug dependence Drugs Poisoning

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