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Vol. 8 - Num. 5

Child nutrition

Special formulas

ML Cilleruelo Pascual, S Fernández Fernández

Reference of this article: Cilleruelo Pascual ML, Fernández Fernández S. Special formulas. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2006;8 Supl 1:S51-67.

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Special formulas are used for nutritional treatment in situations of intolerance and/or allergy to components of infant formula. Lactose-free infant formula is mainly used for intolerance to this carbohydrate associated to intestinal mucosa injury. Because soy formulas are lactose-free, they are appropiate for use in infants with galactosemia. Formulas with modified proteins are the most commonly used for infants with cow?s milk allergy or cow?s milk intolerance. The main types of this group are: extensively hydrolyzed formula, soy-based formula and free aminoacid-based formula. Soy formulas are indicated in infants older than 6 month with extra-intestinal symptoms. Free aminoacid- based formula are indicated in more severe cases of milk protein, multiple food allergies resistant to extensively hydrolyzed formula therapy and in cases of severe intestinal damage. Partially hydrolyzed formulas are not recommended in infants with cow´s milk protein allergy. Antiregurgitation formula should be used only in selected infants with failure to thrive caused by excessive nutrient losses associated with regurgitation.


Antiregurgitation formula Extensively hydrolyzed formula Lactose-free infant formula Soy formulas

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