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Vol. 5 - Num. 20

Clinical Reviews

External ophtalmoplegia secondary to apical petrositis: Gradenigo´s syndrome

R Neipp López, C Vizcaíno Díaz, F Revert Lázaro, N Espinosa Seguí, MA Fuentes Castelló, C Neipp Lindenau

Reference of this article: Neipp López R, Vizcaíno Díaz C, Revert Lázaro F, Espinosa Seguí N, Fuentes Castelló MA, Neipp Lindenau C. External ophtalmoplegia secondary to apical petrositis: Gradenigo´s syndrome. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2003;5:571-575.

Published in Internet: 31-12-2003 - Visits: 13956


Unilateral facial pain in the trigeminal sensitive area and unilateral abducens paralysis (VI cranial nerve) are the main clinical features of Gradenigo´s syndrome, due to apical petrositis as secondary intracranial involvement during an acute episode of purulent otitis media. Very common in the preantibiotics era, nowadays very unusual although a high index of clinical suspicion is important when facing a child with acute otitis media and signs of brain involvement, in order to start promptly medical treatment to avoid the surgical treatment, often needed in the late diagnosed cases.


Apical petrositis Brain complications Gradenigo´s syndrome Otitis media VI Nerve Palsy

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