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Vol. 1 - Num. 2

Organization, Administration and Management

Present-day situation of Primary Care Paediatrics in Valencian Community

Amalia Nácher Fernándeza

aPediatra. CS de Benicásim. Castellón. España.

Reference of this article: Nácher Fernández A. Present-day situation of Primary Care Paediatrics in Valencian Community. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 1999;1:225-230.

Published in Internet: 30-06-1999 - Visits: 7000


Paediatric Primary Care situation since health transfer in Valencian Region is described. The decrees and resolutions of the Regional Health Department are reported as well as percentages of coverage in the ?new model? and differences in compensations among paediatricians. Some reflections are made upon the situation in witch Paediatric Primary Care is after the development of the ?Urgent Health Attention Plan? in the Valencian Region and the relations stablished with the hospital of reference.


Primary care Valencian Region

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