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Vol. 4 - Num. 16

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Acute Otitis Media in children. Bibliographic review

I Aguilar de Armas

Reference of this article: Aguilar de Armas I. Acute Otitis Media in children. Bibliographic review. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2002;4:593-618.

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Acute otitis media is one of the most frequent conditions in infancy, and one of the disorders that provide more suffering to the child and his/her parents, medical care and sanitary expenses. In this job, we try to make a review on this disorder: definitions, causes, symptoms, evolution and treatment. A very important item that has created great concern in the scientific community nowadays is the outcome of resistances to antibiotics, what is of special relevance in otitis media where antibiotics are an important therapeutic weapon. We dedicate a section to this item. Also we talk about the possible complications that can overcome in this disorder. AcuteOtitis Media is a condition fundamentally of infancy and it is known for long time. Although there are lots of published articles, reviews and works there is not a clear therapeutic plan established but many opinions. We try to make a summary of the latest therapeutic trends.


Complications Otitis Resistances Treatment

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