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Vol. 26 - Num. 101

Clinical Reviews

Monkey pox: clinical case report

Matxil Violeta Díaz Benavides a, Juan Daniel López Rochaa

aMédico. Universidad Autónoma de Nayarit. Unidad de Consulta Externa. Secretaría de Salud. Nayarit. México.

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Reference of this article: Díaz Benavides MV, López Rocha JD. Monkey pox: clinical case report . Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2024;26:75-9.

Published in Internet: 20-03-2024 - Visits: 2062


Monkeypox is a zoonosis-type disease caused by a virus of the genus Orthopoxvirus. Usually accompanied by systemic symptoms such as fever, headache, myalgia, asthenia, skin rashes or mucosal lesions. This disease is transmitted by physical contact with infected people, infected materials or animals. We present the case of a 6-year-old patient who came to primary care for symptoms compatible with clinical suspicion. Monkeypox was diagnosed under positive PCR and discharged with outpatient symptomatic management.


Fever Infection Monkeypox Orthopoxvirus


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