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Education for a secure attachment: approach for pediatricians

Olga Barroso Braojosa

aPsicóloga y formadora en violencia de género, maltrato infantil, trauma y apego.

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Reference of this article: Barroso Braojos O. Education for a secure attachment: approach for pediatricians. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2019;21:e25-e30.

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The Psychological attachment theory originally formulated by John Bowlby in the fifties has allowed to deepen the knowledge of the link parents-baby and has showed that the bond of attachment is essential for children to develop healthily. The quality of this bond of attachment with the people who care for the child will influence the development of their mental capacities. Pediatricians have a privileged role to show fathers and mothers the proper way to meet both the psychological and physical needs of baby and children.


Attachment Development Mental capacities Neurobiology Psychological needs


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