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Vol. 17 - Num. 65

Clinical Reviews

Thinking of perianal dermatitis

Irene García Osésa, JM Martínez de Zabarte Fernándezb, Carmen Puig Garcíac, José María Arnal Alonsoc

aPediatra. CS Valtierra. Navarra. España.
bMIR-Pediatría. Hospital Universitario Miguel Servet. Zaragoza. España.
cPediatra. CS Actur Norte. Zaragoza. España.

Reference of this article: García Osés I, Martínez de Zabarte Fernández JM, Puig García C, Arnal Alonso JM. Thinking of perianal dermatitis. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2015;17:51-5.

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Introduction: perianal dermatitis is a misdiagnosed entity usually caused by group A beta-hemolytic streptococci (GABHS). Epidemiology, symptoms and complications are widely described in literature. The diagnosis is microbiological and the association of oral and topic antibiotic is the first choice of treatment.

Objectives: we report the symptoms and management of six patients in order to improve the degree of clinical suspicion.

Case-Series: patients: 6 (5 males). Ages: 9 months to 5 years (mode 3 years). Clinical presentation: 6 perianal rash, 3 rectal pain, 2 itching, 1 vaginitis. A rapid streptococcal test was done in 5 patients, 4 were initially positive. A rectum smear was taken in all patients, all of them showed GABHS growing. All patients were treated with oral antibiotic (5 penicillin, 1 amoxicillin), topic mupirocine was associated in 4 and clotrimazol in 3 patients. Satisfactory evolution.

Discussion: thecases showed are clinical and epidemiologically concordant with the literature. Clinical suspicion and a rapid streptococcal test are necessary to get an early diagnosis and treatment.


Streptococcus pyogenes Dermatitis Dermatitis Streptococcal infection Streptococcal infection



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