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Vol. 10 - Num. 40

Evidence based Pediatrics

The importance of knowing and recognizing the fetal alcohol syndrome spectrum

Cristina Rivas Juesasa, Javier González de Diosb

aServicio de Pediatría. Hospital de Sagunto. Valencia. España.
bServicio de Pediatría. Hospital General Universitario de Alicante. Departamento de Pediatría. Universidad Miguel Hernández. ISABIAL-Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria y Biomédica de Alicante. Alicante. España.

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Reference of this article: Rivas Juesas C, González de Dios J. The importance of knowing and recognizing the fetal alcohol syndrome spectrum. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2008;10:699-702.

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Critically appraised article: Elliott EJ, Payne J, Morris A, Haan E, Bower C, Paediatrician contributing to the Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit. Fetal alcohol syndrome: a prospective national surveillance study. Arch Dis Child. 2008;93;732-7.

Authors' conclusions: this epidemiologic prospective study, the first national data in the world, shows the complexity, severity and developmental impact of fetal alcohol syndrome. We need preventive approaches and early diagnosis.

Reviewers' commentary: fetal alcohol syndrome is a predictable disease. We need the to have the knowledge to suspect it and also to make an early diagnosis and be able to recognize the broad spectrum of presentations of this disorder.


Epidemiological surveillance Epidemiology Fetal alcohol syndrome

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