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Vol. 8 - Num. 32

Clinical Reviews

Precocious thelarche as key sign of precocious central puberty

R Fernández Fernández, R Arroyo Úbeda, C López Herranz

Reference of this article: Fernández Fernández R, Arroyo Úbeda R, López Herranz C. Precocious thelarche as key sign of precocious central puberty. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2006;8:621-6.

Published in Internet: 31-12-2006 - Visits: 7855


The precocious thelarche can be either a benign condition without clinical significance or the beginning of a real precocious puberty. We try to revise, in this article, the different causes of precocious puberty, emphasizing the tumours of the central nervous system as the aetiology of this condition, especially after the introduction of image techniques as the magnetic resonance. In the clinical case we present, it is remarkable the early age the puberty is developed. In these cases, it is always obligatory to rule out the tumour aetiology being the hypothalamus hamartoma one of the most frequent causes.


Central precocious puberty Hypothalamus hamartoma Precocious thelarche

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