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Child and adolescent mental health in Spain

I Avellanosa Caro

Reference of this article: Avellanosa Caro I. Child and adolescent mental health in Spain. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 1999;1:467-475.

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Children and adolescent Mental Health in Spain has historic roots that define and confer its importance. The union between childhood and Mental Health has meant a double neglect that can be seen in the lack of importance that this area had in recent years?transformations of Mental Health in general. The non existence itself of specialities in childhood and adolescent psychiatry and psychology is a reflex as well as a cause of what we are talking about. Almost in XXI century there are great general insufficiencies and significative differences among Autonomic Communities and even inside them. The National Health Institute has hardly devoted some efforts to this claim so assistance is poor, teaching insignificant and investigation non existent. Paediatric Primary Care is an exclusive space to detect these conditions, but neither the professionals formation, nor the time or the relations with Mental Health make it easy this necessary and urgent task.

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