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Vol. 5 - Num. 20

Brief Reports

Primary Care pediatrician´s attitude on dentoalveolar traumas

F García Izquierdoa, F Nuño Mateo, B Gorritxo Gilc

aOdontóloga. CS Laviada. Gijón. Asturias. España.

cProfesora Titular. Departamento Estomatología. Universidad del País Vasco. España.

Reference of this article: García Izquierdo F, Nuño Mateo F, Gorritxo Gil B. Primary Care pediatrician´s attitude on dentoalveolar traumas. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2003;5:589-601.

Published in Internet: 31-12-2003 - Visits: 6757


Dentoalveolar traumas are quite common in pediatric settings as well as in schools or sports centres. The most affected teeth are upper central incisors. The most common injuries are the intrusive luxation of primary teeth, fracture of corona in permanent teeth and avulsions of the teeth from their alveolus in both dentitions.


Deciduous teeth Dental injuries Dentoalveolar Traumatic Intrusion Permanent teeth

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