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Vol. 3 - Num. 12

Brief Reports

Gynaecologic problems in adolescence. Guide for the pediatrician

P Brañas Fernández

Reference of this article: Brañas Fernández P. Gynaecologic problems in adolescence. Guide for the pediatrician. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2001;3:597-615.

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Gynecologic problems are common during adolescence. Pediatricians who wish to provide such care will find themselves dealing with female patient with menstrual and breast disorders or pubertal related problems and they need to be prepared to meet treir demands. Adolescent patient is not a child not an adult, and that means to change our practice to one more receptive, with the ability and willingness to discurss the various sensitive issues. Pediatricians who have longstanding relationships with their patients, and who are admired and trusted, are ideal for provinding this care. The most common gynecologic complaints and the main guidelines for clinical practice are exposed.


Adolescent gynecology Dysmenorrhoea Menstrual disorders Vaginitis

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