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Vol. 3 - Num. 10

Clinical Reviews

Primary Familiar Raynaud´s Phenomenon: presentation of two cases

Demetrio López Paciosa, R Velex Silva, I Fidalgo Álvarez, MI López González

aPediatra. CS Ponferrada III. León. España.

Reference of this article: López Pacios D, Velex Silva R, Fidalgo Álvarez I, López González MI. Primary Familiar Raynaud´s Phenomenon: presentation of two cases. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2001;3:215-222.

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Two teenagers are described with primary Raynaud?s phenomenon lasting more than 2 years. Raynaud?s phenomenon is a paroxystic vasomotor disorder frequent in adults specially in women reaching 25% of young women. No epidemiological studies are known in children. Diagnosis is easy to do relying on coldness and colour change of fingers produced by cold. Physical exam and determination of ANA must be enough for Raynaud diagnosis. Systemic sclerodermia is the first hypothesis if the bilateral vasomotor disorder don?t follow the primary Raynaud phenomenon criteria. Treatment of Raynaud?s phenomenon must be adapted to the level of discomfort and to the cause of the vasomotor disorder. The only treatment in our patients was based in measures to avoid attacks. Prescription of drugs should be limited to the most severe cases.


Peripheral ischaemia Raynaud phenomenon

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