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Results of an inquiry to Primary Care Pediatricians who practice as Medical Resident´s teachers

José Manuel García Pugaa

aPediatra. CS Salvador Caballero. Granada. España.

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Reference of this article: García Puga JM. Results of an inquiry to Primary Care Pediatricians who practice as Medical Resident´s teachers. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2001;3:191-201.

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Objective: The training programs of Pediatrics education are being modificated with a special emphasis in Community and Primary Care practices, with the conviction that a great part of this training must be provided in the place where most of the pediatricians are going to work. Some Primary Care pediatricians teach to Family Residents (FR) and a few of them to Pediatrics Residents (PR) in these period of training. We planned this study in order to know what opinion and what situation and disposition have the pediatricians working in Andalusian Health Centres (AHC) in face to teach to Pediatrics Residents (PR). Methods: Observational descriptive transversal study, through an inquiry to pediatricians that work in accredited to teach Health Centres (ATHC) by the Andalusian Family Society (AFS). Results: We have inquiried 152 pediatricians of 66 ATHC, 92 women (89.94%) and 58 men (38.15%), 105 (69.07%) receive Medical Residents, 21 (13.81%), do not receive and would want to receive and 23 (15.13 %), neither receive, neither would want to receive. Only 13 (12.38%) have received or receive also PR in a sporadic way. 13 reveal to receive some compensation (12.38%) and some kind of accreditation 28 (26.66%). The FR rotation, has a continuity and last between 1 to 3 months and PR do so sporadic and briefly from 1 week to 1 month. Most of the Health Centres are situated in cities, the minority are rural Centres. The ratio PR/pediatrics teachers is 45/105. Conclusions: We can highly value the human resources availability in Primary Care to provide training to the Medical Residents. This inquiry reveals the excellent disposition of the Paediatricians AHC.


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