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Vol. 23 - Num. 91

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Pediatric palliative care situation in Primary Care

Lucía Morán Roldána, Cristina García-Mauriño Alcázarb

aPediatra. CS San Fermín. Madrid. España.
bPediatra. The Institute of Global Health. Kensington. Londres. Reino Unido.

Correspondence: L Morán. E-mail:

Reference of this article: Morán Roldán L, García-Mauriño Alcázar C. Pediatric palliative care situation in Primary Care. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2021;23:261-72.

Published in Internet: 10-09-2021 - Visits: 413


Introduction: primary care pediatricians (PCP) are an essential pillar in the management of children with palliative care needs (PCN). The aim of this study is to perform a descriptive analysis of the situation of these professionals regarding PCN in Madrid.

Material and methods: cross-sectional study. Questionnaires were designed, piloted and send electronically using a mailing list where active PCP working in Madrid are included.

Results: 199 responded surveys were obtained. The majority (97%) correctly identified the concept of patients in need of PCN. Only 24.6% reported regularly following-up patients with these characteristics. The cancer patients were identified as the most prevalent group, and almost half of the PCP identified Pediatrics Palliative Care (PPC) units in hospitals where they currently do not exist. The great majority of PCP (70.8%) had never received specific training. More than half didn´t feel integrated in the specific PPC teams, identifying a relationship between the PCP and PPC Units in no more than 35% of cases. Only 14% felt appropriately trained to manage these children, while 99% expressed their desire to be an involved in their management and fellow-up.

Conclusions: there are significant deficiencies and limitations regarding PCN in the scope of the PPC. The deficit training and the lack of communication between care levels were the two main problems identified. It is necessary to implement training programs and promote multidisciplinary teams.


Health services needs and demands Palliative care Primary Care



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