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Vol. 21 - Num. 84

Clinical Reviews in Digestive Diseases

Is the potato guilty?

M.ª Clara Jijón Andradea, Iván Carabaño Aguadob, Raquel Núñez Ramosb, Enrique Salcedo Lobatob, Enrique Medina Benítezb

aServicio de Pediatría. Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal. Madrid. España.
bSección de Gastroenterología, Hepatología y Nutrición Infantil. Servicio de Pediatría. Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre. Madrid. España.

Correspondence: MC Jijón. E-mail:

Reference of this article: Jijón Andrade MC, Carabaño Aguado I, Núñez Ramos R, Salcedo Lobato E, Medina Benítez E. Is the potato guilty? Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2019;21:411-4.

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Food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES) is a non IgE mediated allergic disorder induced by food protein that presents in young infants. It is characterized by persistent vomiting associated to diarrhea, lethargy, pallor or hypotension presenting 1-4 hours after the ingestion of the triggering food. The most frequent triggers are cows’s milk and soy, but solid foods have also been described as triggers, including potato.


Enterocolitis Food FPIES Protein Vomiting



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