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Vol. 19 - Num. 75

Clinical Reviews

Bilateral cephalohematoma after unassisted domiciliary childbirth. Case report

Enrique Montano Navarroa, Sara Habashneh Sáncheza, María Rodríguez Ortegab, Antonio Ruiz Garcíaa

aMédico de familia. CS de Pinto. Pinto. Madrid. España.
bCirujano general. Escuela de Enfermería y Fisioterapia San Juan de Dios. Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Ciempozuelos. Madrid. España.

Reference of this article: Montano Navarro E, Habashneh Sánchez S, Rodríguez Ortega M, Ruiz García A. Bilateral cephalohematoma after unassisted domiciliary childbirth. Case report. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2017;19.e117-e121.

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Cephalohematoma is a blood collection localized in the subperiosteal space over the parietal region of the newborn, frequently unilateral, which appears during the hours or days after childbirth. Prolonged, traumatic or instrumented births facilitate its appearance, although it may also occur spontaneously. Its evolution is satisfactory, with complete resorption during the first weeks of life. Complications are uncommon but they should be monitored. Bilateral cephalohematoma after a domiciliary childbirth without health care during the expulsive period is presented.


Birth injuries Hematoma Infant, newborn Natural childbirth



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