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Children and road safety

Fundación MAPFRE. Instituto de Seguridad Vial

Reference of this article: Fundación MAPFRE. Instituto de Seguridad Vial. Children and road safety. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2009;11:677-83.

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Objective: to know child safety seats’ use, why they are used as well as why they aren’t used, also to compare the results with those achieved in the same study made in 2005.

Material and methods: survey to a sample of 200 adults in the Madrid Community, who have children up to 12 years as usual car passengers.

Results: seventy-five percent of responders have child safety seats in their car; 89% of the sample use them 100% of the time. The reasons for not using them are a short trip (38%) and it’s bothersome (20%). The results have generally improved with respect to the 2005 survey.

Conclusions: it’s necessary to keep insisting on the use of child safety seats in order to achieve a 100% use.


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